About Elite Emergency Response

     Stephani started doing medical standby in 2004 after she spent time as one of the standby team for Cirque De Soleil when it first came to Calgary and felt that excellent event standby was a need she could fill.  Through word of mouth, she began covering show-jumping equestrian events, cultural festivals, athletic events, and private parties while teaching CPR/First Aid to the public, training Emergency Medical Responders, and maintaining active employment by EMS ambulance services.
     As the demand for standby services grew, she began adding to the team.  Members of Elite are selected based on personality, good attitude, and experience then receive ongoing training and mentoring as part of the team.
     In 2005, Elite began to be approached to provide onsite EMS personnel for various music festivals and now, in addition to other special events and public gatherings, Elite Emergency Response is the premier medical standby company for music festivals after 12 years of dedicated service. 
     The Elite team is adaptable and takes pride in not only providing exceptional patient care for all situations, but helping clients develop emergency & safety plans and reduce risks throughout their special events.  Long-term clients have noticed that Elite gets better every year, and that's because they are constantly striving for excellence; supplies and equipment commonly needed or requested by event attendees are added to the arsenal regularly and injuries or illnesses common to a specific event are added to training.   Elite Emergency Response care providers are not only licensed medical practitioners, but various team members are also well-versed in sports medicine, nutrition, outdoor medicine, and mental health including Critical Incident Stress Management and Debriefing.
     Elite is not just proactive in regards to health and wellness, but engaging and personable as well.  Staffed by EMRs, EMTs (PCPs) and Paramedics (ACPs), everyone does their best to contribute to a positive experience for clients and attendees alike.  (Check out our testimonial page!)
     Elite frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty to help out anyone who needs it; over the years crews have cared for injured pets at festivals, located lost children, changed a flat tire or two, opened cars with the keys locked inside, and even provided a meal to stranded campers in addition to providing first aid, wound care, and sometimes life-saving interventions.
     If you need medical staff or professional first aid, Elite has a team for you that will not only provide excellent patient care for your guests but will give you peace of mind so you can focus on other important aspects of your event.