Stephani Laing, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Care Paramedic

Founder of Elite Emergency Response, Stephani has enjoyed an active career in EMS since 2001.  She also has an extensive background in adult education and training within the CPR/First Aid and EMS sphere.  She received a Priory Vote of Thanks from the Order of Canada in 2004 for instructional excellence in training Emergency Medical Responders.  In her spare time, she likes to stay active with powerlifting, hiking, and Latin Ballroom dancing. 
Cameron Doore, Chief Operations Officer, Primary Care Paramedic

In addition to being second in command of Elite, Cam has been working on ambulance in southern Alberta for 15 years, several of which as Crew Chief of his platoon.   He is also certified for pump operation and high angle rope rescue for fire-fighting, along with Big Rig Extrication.  He is trained in Critical Incident Stress Management for individual and group crisis intervention and he developed the first CISM protocol for the emergency service he works for.  When he isn't working, he enjoys going to the gym and hanging out with friends.  Don't let his stoic poker face fool you when you see him in person, he's friendly! 

Ryley Bennett, Primary Care Paramedic

Ryley is currently in his second year of Paramedic school to become an Advanced Care Paramedic and has several years experience as a Ski Patroller.   He works on ambulance in Northern Alberta and is also an excellent First Aid & CPR Instructor, contributing a great deal to Elite's public education efforts.  He at times looks quite serious, but has been known to bust a move or two in the medical tent at a music festival.

Laura Piercey, Emergency Medical Responder

Laura became interested in EMS when she volunteered for medical standby at the 2015 Canada Winter Games and found that she enjoyed the challenge of providing medical care in the field, and meeting fabulous people who travel from all over the country, and even the world, to attend special events.  She is currently in the process of completing her Primary Care Paramedic certification.  In addition to learning advanced patient care, she has also learned to swear appropriately, and in context, when the situation calls for it, thanks to superior mentoring.  Laura discovered wall climbing a year ago, and since then has been working hard climbing all the things.  She also discovered spirit hoods at her first festival, MoNo 2016, and wishes she could wear it while climbing because that would be seriously badass.  It is thanks to Laura that Elite now has a company toaster in the Command Trailer.
Jody Stoltz, Primary Care Paramedic

Jody has been a firefighter and Primary Care Paramedic for nearly two decades and brings a wealth of experience to his shifts with Elite.  He has a hard time sitting still, so in between fire and ambulance shifts he also works as an autobody technician.
Alex Jackson, Primary Care Paramedic

Alex is a chef and firefighter as well as a Primary Care Paramedic so at overnight events he sometimes will make amazing meals for the staff in between his naps.  He also enjoys teaching First Aid & CPR in his spare time.