Kind Words From Our Clients and Event Guests

Elite Emergency Response is right - these guys have the experience, the
expertise, and the knowledge to provide the right response at the right
time. As a bonus they are wonderfully caring people that have dedicated
their time to making the world better and the safety and health of
others. Considering the amount of benefit they can provide I wouldn't
hesitate to try to book this team for any event over 500 people, or
smaller if you have the budget for it. Thankfully their rate is very
reasonable.   (Jason G)

This was the first year our event got professional support from paramedics and Elite Emergency Response was absolutely amazing.  It's obvious they have been doing this for a long time, they were wonderful to work with providing advice both before and during the event, and handling all site issues effectively and in a timely manner.  Not only did Elite keep everyone at our event safe, they freed up our coordinators and managers and allowed us to focus on running a smooth event.  We will absolutely be using trained paramedics in the future and we look forward to a long term relationship with Elite Emergency Response.   (Dustin A.)
I am forever grateful for this team, not only for the essential service that they continue to provide our festival (10 years) but also their ability to connect with the attendess in an authentic manner.  Their extensive knowledge and on-point care and service helps to create a safe and thriving environment.   (Petra S)
The Elite team is excellent, knowledgeable, and specialized to suppport the festival community.  I have never worked with a more competent team.  I would recomend their services to anyone.   (Keziah A.)
Stephanie and Cam were at our event recently and were amazing. They are
professional and realistic, and they are not judgemental. They are
legitimately there for their purpose: safety and health. This is what
you want out of a professional crew. They worked at the local event we
hold for our arts festival and were wonderful to work with.  Thanks for doing a great job!    (Joelle R)

Super professional, kind and knowledgeable. Truly grateful for their presence on site!  (Carol N)
Hi there.  Sunday morning at Astral, me and another friend brought our pal in (to the medical tent) because he fell off his bike and bumped his nose..  You were very kind and funny and made us all feel better and well taken care of.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for handling the situation the way that you did, you were hilarious!  Many thanks for your service!  (Kory)
   You know who doesn't get nearly enough praise? The team at the medical tent! Without them, none of this would be possible. So, here's a big shout out to Stephani Laing and her team from Elite Emergency Response! Thanks to Steph, Cam, Jody and Riley for keeping us all safe, bandaged and warm by their fire.  (Andrea S.)
They have such a friendly presence and handle situations with compassion and patience. Thanks so much for being a huge part of what makes Astral a success!  (Terra)
Speaking as someone who usually does a shift for sanctuary at Motion Notion, Stephanie and her crew are some of the best people I have ever met at a festival. Their extreme competence is matched only by their ability to set our clients completely at ease, and to patch up whatever needs patching. They are festival medics par excellence.  (Rhino P.)