If you’ve decided to retain Elite Emergency Response for you onsite medical standby needs, there are several factors we’ll look at with you to make sure you get exactly the right coverage to meet your needs.  Here are a few examples of things we consider:

Where is your event going to be located?

This lets us determine how far from the nearest ambulance service and hospital your venue is, and it lets us coordinate potential landing zones with STARS air ambulance should it become necessary during your event.  We also consider any special access needs or difficult terrain that would need to be planned for.

How many people are expected on the site?

This includes event guests/attendees, volunteers, and other staff.  We use these numbers to determine how many Elite Emergency Response personnel you need for your event to ensure safe and efficient coverage.

What type of event is it?

We classify events as low, medium, or high risk and this is reviewed each time a client renews our coverage agreement.  Cultural festivals and food and drink events are examples of a low-risk event.  Some athletic competitions or races, and equestrian events involving jumping or racing are typically classed as medium risk, and music festivals or extreme sports competitions in more isolated areas are high risks.  High-risk events typically require more personnel and equipment, and we ensure high-risk events have our highest trained and most experienced staff. 

What hours will the event run, and what hours do you want Elite EMS staff onsite?

This helps us determine our active staffing times, and many clients prefer to have Elite on the site for setup prior to an event opening to the public, and stay for part of the tear down after an event ends for the well-being of their staff and volunteers.  The total hours also help us provide you with an accurate quote for the cost of our services, and determine if we will need to provide accommodations for our staff.

What special considerations do we need to be aware of and do you have special requests?

For example, does your venue lack cell service?  Is cell service only available in certain areas, and where?  Does your site have a potable water source?  What types of injuries or emergencies has your event experienced before, if any?  Do you want our staff highly visible or in the background?  Would you like us to provide extra potable water, sunscreen, bug spray or other complimentary items to your guests?  Or is your event about self-reliance and you would prefer nothing outside of necessary first aid and medical treatments be offered?  We work with you to provide the best experience for your guests while seamlessly incorporating our services into the vision and philosophy of your special event.

Elite Emergency Response has a long history of providing EMS and first aid services to a wide variety of events in a collaborative way with event organizers.  Call or contact us today to find out how Elite can help reduce your event planning stress and contribute to a safe and positive experience for your guests!


 – Stephani Laing, CEO, ACP