Join Our Team

We’re currently looking for licensed EMRs, PCPs, and ACPs.

We asked our team why they like working with Elite and here’s some of what they said:

  • Getting paid, I’m not expected to ‘volunteer for experience.’
  • You get your money within 48 hours of working
  • Good people
  • Learning a lot from really experienced paramedics. I wouldn’t say old but they’re definitely not new (This paramedic just opened another position for you)
  • Low-stress environment, even when things are crazy no one’s hard to work with, it always stays calm
  • Getting patient care experience and I learned how to just talk to people even when I don’t know them
  • Idiots and jerks don’t last very long and they don’t get promoted to supervisor
  • I liked not being tossed into events by myself when I didn’t have much experience.
  • Never stuck in a hallway for ten hours
  • Full scope of practice
  • Casual work without minimum shift requirements.
  • I get to be pretty autonomous when I’m working and nobody micromanages me
  • Really nice people at the events I’ve been at
  • I like that I have the option to do a little travelling and I even get a little compensation for it.
  • Mostly working outdoors
  • Really supportive management
  • Lots of fun
  • Pretty chill

So if you’re licensed with the Alberta College of Paramedics and would like to apply to be on our team, email your resume to with “Employment” in the subject line.