The times, they are a-changin’.  Whether you produce a small, medium, or large event, having experienced on-site paramedics is something you should consider.

Peace of mind for you, your staff, and your guests

Having your own medical team on site at your venue means that you don’t have to handle emergencies or injuries that might occur because you have professionals for that.  Do you use volunteer first aiders in exchange for reduced or free admission?  It can be very difficult for a volunteer to function if they are called to assist someone they know in a specific community and the thought of doing so can cause significant emotional stress.  Bringing in professionals eliminates both concerns and everyone’s happy!

Quality of staffing

Volunteers are often the lifeblood of many organizations and events but with a professional first aid or medical team onsite, you are guaranteed performance and quality.  Elite medics show up on time, are sober, rested, and prepared, and aren’t distracted by all the fun things going on around them because they have one job and one interest:  provide first aid and emergency medical care when necessary.  Paramedics are highly trained in a variety of injuries and medical conditions and the management of such.

No stress about potential delayed ambulance response

Bad news… EMS/ambulance service in Alberta has changed in recent years.  Timely response of an ambulance is no longer guaranteed, especially in rural areas or areas outside major cities.  Ambulances from areas outside the major cities are frequently sent out of their service area and into the cities, sometimes for very long periods, which delays response times all over the province.  Sometimes, you may experience an ambulance response delay right in the middle of a city!  If you have an onsite EMS team, they can manage patient care and treatment for as long as it takes for a transport ambulance to arrive.

It shows you care about health and safety, and the people attending your event

It’s just good optics! Participants and attendees feel safer and better cared for when they see professional, trained medical teams on site. It’s nice to know what organizers care.

Elite paramedic teams are absolutely delightful

Ok, so this is a little bit more about us than about event medical in general, but it’s our blog! We carefully select our staff based on their training, but also on personality. Our teams are fun, friendly, and professional. Just ask any of our past clients or patients!

Onsite medical teams reduce involvement and strain on local resources

Let’s be honest: if your event requires emergency services to frequently respond to your venue, or if several guests end up going to the local hospital for assessment, it can be a burden on local resources and some municipalities become reluctant to issue permits to such events.  Onsite medical teams can handle many minor injuries and conditions on scene and answer questions to save people going to the nearest emergency room to ask, “Is this infected?” or “Does this need stitches?” or “I have this weird rash…” and also prevent 911 calls for ‘unconscious’ people who are actually just enjoying a good nap.  Many people don’t know what constitutes an emergency but an onsite paramedic team will not only determine a true emergency if one occurs, they can manage it until additional resources can arrive.


If you’re considering onsite medical personnel for your event, Elite Emergency Response can help you develop your safety and emergency response plan.  Elite teams are scaleable from a single staff member for very small, private events up to large teams for special events with high attendance, high risk activities, or a venue encompassing a large or remote area.  Feel free to get in touch through our contact form or by phone to have us answer all your questions about upgrading your event’s safety program to include onsite EMS personnel.


– Stephani Laing, CEO, ACP