Volunteers are the lifeblood of organizations and special events, without a doubt! But when it comes to the first aid or medical tent, there are several reasons why it pays to have paid professionals manning it.

  • Guaranteed focus. Our medical professionals have only one priority at your event: the health & safety of your staff and participants. A downside to relying on volunteers for first aid or medical care is you’ll inevitably attract a volunteer or two whose focus is on seeing their favourite artist or event which can lead to distraction or worse, the infamous Vanishing Volunteer. Our staff are paid to be at your event in designated areas, constantly ready to be of service, and uninterested in the headliner. (Although we know they’re great!)
  • Guaranteed professional standards. Our uniformed paramedics are easily identifiable, well rested, and sober. They’re also licensed and insured. By insisting on professional first aid and medical care for your event guests, you can be assured of the level of training, education, and experience of the staff which is peace of mind you can’t always get with an unpaid model.
  • Less stress for your community. As paid professionals, our staff aren’t personally entrenched in your community which gives us a degree of detachment and impartiality. And that’s a good thing! Detachment allows the best medical decisions to be made according to best medical practice. There’s a reason why surgeons don’t operate on family members! Using volunteers from your event community can be emotionally difficult and stressful on the volunteers just thinking about having to care for a friend or loved one, let alone if a significant emergency occurred involving someone they know. Not only can these situations be traumatic for the volunteer, the patient may receive care that’s negatively impacted by nerves or emotion.
  • Your costs are offset by our supplies & equipment. Our pricing includes all our supplies and equipment, so your bottom line isn’t affected if your participants happen to be incredibly accident prone. Plus, (and we mean no offense but…) we bring way better and cooler stuff than you or your volunteers can get their hands on and in much larger quantities! In addition to our standard equipment and supplies that go to every event with us, we also bring specific items tailored to the type of event you’re producing.
  • The biggest and best events in the world have professional responders on site. The visible presence of professional emergency responders on site at a special event indicates that the event is produced by diligent event organizers who care about the health and safety of their staff, performers, volunteers, and attendees.

It’s time for your event to upgrade to professionals! Call or email us today so we can discuss your special event medical needs.